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Mapo tofu

Mapo tofu is a spicy tofu dish representative of Sichuan cuisina. It´s an essential part of traditional Sichuan family meals and is served at both formal and casual gatherings. 


Sharp, spicy flavor and strongly aromatic. Used for studding ham, with boiled beef, pulses or stewed fruits, in mulled wines and punches, in spiced cakes and baking; also an ingredient in many Middle Eastern and Indian spice mixes.

Flavoring foods with spices

Spices can be such a mystery to many people who are trying to put together a meal that has an enjoyable flavor. What tastes good with what food? Spices don’t look appetizing enough to have a spoonful of them to see how they taste. How they taste in their natural form is not necessarily the same flavors given when cooked in a meal.

Rub for chicken

This rub is the secret to that must-have chicken skin you may have tried in a restaurant before. But the great thing is, it’s easy to make and use. It can get a little messy when applying it to the chicken, but the end result is well worth it.


Ginger has a strong, piquant and spicy flavor. Used worldwide. Europeans use ginger essentially in sweet dishes. Ginger is added in Indian cuisine to almost every savory dish. Chinese and Japanese cuisines prefer adding it to meat and fish dishes.