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Fettuccine in the manner of Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo is among the simplest, yet tastiest pasta dishes.

The ingredients are easily obtained and the procedure can successfully be carried out by even the most cooking-challenged of chefs.

The dish has reached many other countries, and evolved. The Alfredo sauce has become a mixture of cheese, butter, and cream –sometimes milk also added- in the United States.

Southern Italian dishes tend to be tomato-based and spicy. Northern ones, by contrast, lean toward creamy and buttery. No better example of the difference can be found than a fine Fettuccine Alfredo, the quintessential northern-style dish.

Ironically, the origins of the dish are said to hail from a restaurateur in Rome circa 1920, and Rome is pretty much in the middle of the country, even somewhat more south than north. That's Italy! North, south, or in-between they share recipes like a sailor shares sea stories.

And now, it is time for hands on practice. Try one of the recipes for fetuccine Alfredo or fetuccine Alfredo fortissimo, wich features an enriched sauce. Using fresh pasta really makes this simple dish special; so, for the freshest ever pasta, consider to make your own fresh Italian noodles.