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More low sugar treats

You promise to help with menus for special diets. I would like some suggestions for sweets that are low in sugar and everyone can eat. I need more than one recipe.

From: Claire, by e-mail.

More low sugar or sugar free treats

There are many reasons to go low sugar or sugar free. The most serious one I can think of is being diabetic, or at risk of diabetes. However, it is not the only one, a sugar free diet will help to keep a yeast infection at bay, a low sugar diet has been recommended in some cases of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and many sufferers do not wish to publish the fact.

Modern diet has too much salt, saturated fats and sugar and not enough vitamins. Probably ripe fresh fruit is the treat that fits the bill better –the berry season in close and the delicious, tiny wild strawberries is something I am looking forward to picking and having on my plate.

However, there are occasions when fruit alone would not do, especially when kids are involved, and as all of us could benefit from food low in sugar, I suggest some treats your whole family and guests can enjoy.

For an afternoon snack try these diabetic chocolate chip cookies or a slice of banana bread with a glass of half-fat or semi-skim milk, any of the two can double as an option for breakfast.

Chocolate chip cookies make a delightful dessert for young children, while slightly older ones would prefer a slice of banana bread or apple pie (no sugar added) served with plain yogurt, with a little crème fraiche or light cream, if their diet allows it. There are some brands of fruit jams and preserves with no added sugar or sweetened with fruit suitable for some sugar free or low sugar diets.

Look at the bright side: a few sugar free meals will help you to prevent heart disease and there is no doubt they will help to trim your figure.

From now on we will start to tag recipes as low sugar.