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Culinary terms with L

lapeating verb – to take liquid by licking it with the tongue, as most animals do. // lap up drink eagerly or eat greedily by licking with the tongue – noun – the amount of liquid taken by one single lick of the tongue, the act of lapping.

larder - name - a small room, closet size, for food storage. Alternatively, large cupboard for food storage.

leavening - The secret ingredient that creates tiny bubbles in the dough, making it rise and giving it that irresistible texture to bread and cakes. 

Lebkuchen - A kind of spiced cookie or gingerbread that has been baked in Nuremberg, Germany, since the 1300s.

leftovers - The portion of food that remains uneaten after a meal, often saved to be eaten at a later time.

legume - A legume is a type of plant that has seeds or pods, like beans and peas, which grow in long cases that split open when they're ripe. These plants are often used for food and are known for being good for the soil because they help add important nutrients.

lunchname – the midday meal, the meal taken at the middle of the day, usually around noon – eating verb – eat the midday meal lunch; also have lunch.

lunch box the small metal or plastic carry case commonly used by school children or working parents to carry food for lunch at school or work. 

lunch break time given to students or employees in the middle of the working day so they can eat their lunch. 

lunch counter a food venue with a special area for quick service of lunches to eat in, usually standing or to go.

lunch room - name - cafeteria, room reserved to eat lunch at school or workplace.

lunch time - name - the time when lunch is eaten, usually the same period every day.

luncheon - name - formal name for lunch.

luncheon meats cooked meats, sliced and served cold, mainly for sandwiches and salads, deli meats.

luncheonette - name - a small cafeteria or food establishment selling light lunches.