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Cooking quick tips

Do you know what is speed cooking? It is the art of cooking with economy in effort and time. You will save much time with good planning, organizationn and a handful of speed cooking tricks.

All sorts of cooking tips and tricks for speed cooking

If you are in a hurry, and you will be more than once, staring at the pan won't make it cook your food faster. These are just the best tips and tricks home cooks have been using for ages and you have them at your fingertips.

Organization for cooking quick

Save trips to the kitchen: Do you need to walk miles between kitchen and dining room when you lay the table? Prepare everything you need beforehand and set it inside a basket with handles. You will avoid unnecessary trips and there is no risk of glasses or plates slipping, as there would be if using a tray.

A place for everything: Have a place for everything and keep things always in the same place. You will save time wasted otherwise searching for tools and ingredients.

Preheat: Preheat the oven while you prepare the dough for your cake. Heat up the water for steaming or boiling while you wash the vegetables. Do the same with the oil for fries and heat it up while you peel the potatoes.

Do the preparation work: Prepare all the ingredients you will need before you start cooking. Peel, wash and chop everything in advance. There is no magic in the kitchen without some labor intensive knife skills before.

Tidy up: While you wait for water to boil or food to finish cooking, get everything back in place, even if you are going to use it in a few minutes.

Cooking potatoes quick

Cook potatoes faster: Pierce potatoes with a skewer before boiling, roasting or adding to a casserole. Potatoes will cook faster this way.

Boil before roasting: If you are going to make roast potatoes, boil them first in water, with salt, for ten minutes. You will cut the time in the oven by a third.

When baking or grilling, do skewered potatoes: Use metal skewers, the metal will transfer heat quickly to the core and the potatoes will cook much faster.

Cleaning for faster cooking

Clean fast: Run the spoon or pan you have just used under the water and use it again, quick wash your utensils instead of piling up dirt ones and getting out clean utensils all the time. If a pan is scorched or too sticky, half fill it with water and heat up; dirt will detach from the walls with no more fuss.

Wipe as you go: Don't let dirt accumulate, wipe immediately. Don't trust the dishwasher will be able to deal with all plates, pans and pots. Too much can accumulate and it will not fit. Wash as you use it and rinse with very hot water; it will dry in a fly.

Always handy: Have a wet sponge always handy, have a dish cloth always by your side, or fix it at your waist as chefs do, you will be able to wipe your hands clean in a wink while you cook.

Food preparation is the key to great cooking. No miracles happen in the kitchen without intensive knife work.