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Hot and fiery, although varieties differ in heat and strong flavor, most will leave a tingling, burning sensation. Important in Mexican, Indian, south-east Asian and Chinese cuisines; will appear in curries of all kinds, Indonesian sambals or in Sechuan style cooking of China; easy to spot in Mexican tacos, sauces, meat and chicken dishes; West Indian pepper sauces for meat, fish and poultry count in their spiciness; found in southern European sauces and in the harissa paste, used to flavor couscous in north Africa.

Cooking with chili

Jalapeño chiles have found a place in recipes from the United States. You might want to try some of the recipes we propose.

capsicum frutescens (solanaceae)

chili, chilli, chili peppers, chiles

French: piment
Italian: chili
Spanish: chile, guindilla