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Eating apples whole or peeled, raw, stewed or baked, what is best?

I am curious to know.

Maria Sun, 05/19/2013 - 18:52

It is better to eat apples with skin, provided that the skin is well washed to remove all pesticides and dirt - fumes from car exhausts may deposit on the skin if apples are left outside in boxes, as many green grocer do. The skin contains fiber and antioxidants that protect our body, and even help fight cancer. But make sure that this very clean, if not, better peel.

When roasted with skin, apples retain virtually all their nutrients, with the exception of vitamin C, which is lost in part. When stewed, nutrient loss is higher because some dissolve in water, but there are enough nutrients left to make them worthy. However, both methods eliminate bacteria and result in tender fruit that is perfect to be assimilated even by the most sensitive stomachs, so baked or stewed apples may be perfect for young children, the elderly, or people recovering after a bout of illness - and you may remove the skin once cooked to make the apple even easier to digest.

Having said that, stewed apples served with a sweet sauce or baked apples with nuts and honey are a delicious dessert, and you do not need to be sick to enjoy them.