Cheese in Cyprus

Cheese making is just one more in a long list of traditions in Cyprus.

Halloumi, a stretched curd cheese made from cow, sheep or goat milk is the most distinctive traditional culinary specialty of Cyprus. This rind-less cheese is shaped into small loaves of different dimensions and very often flavored with chopped mint, which adds zest to the otherwise bland tasting cheese. Halloumi is a very versatile cheese and can be eaten fresh, grilled, baked or fried and is very popular at barbecues. When grilled or fried, the outer portion turns a light golden brown and the inner portion gets deliciously soft, but not runny. On its own, Halloumi makes an excellent appetizer when drizzled with olive oil. For many Cypriots, Halloumi forms a part of every meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Feta is another popularly used cheese in many Cypriot dishes.