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Yee sang salad and the prosperity toss

Tossing a yee sang salad is one of the many ways to celebrate the begin of a new year. Of course, this would be the Chinese New year.

Yes, there are red envelopes.

The Chinese New Year is also celebrated in Singapore and many of the traditional Chinese customs are observed, however, the prosperity toss adds unique local flavor to the general New Year festivities.

The recipe for this salad is only used during the Chinese New year celebration. The choice of ingredients is open to particular preferences.

Do try this at home on the Chinese New Year.

The only regret will be one cannot do it during the whole year, as both the salad and the dressing are truly nice.

The preparation is elaborate and it can be done in advance but the salad should be presented at the table not quite finished. The spices and dressing are added at the las minute, just before tossing, and to truly attract good luck all guests should help to toss the salad with their chopsticks. Everyone should voice good wishes while doing the toss and the higher one tosses, the better the chance to see all wishes come true and the more prosperity during the year.

Tossing high a salad made with such a great variety of ingredients cut into thin strips, and getting everything back on the serving plate without spills, may look daunting for those of Western education. It is surely challenging even for the locals; expert chopstick users. Anyone achieving the feat highly deserves all the prosperity in the world.

Follow the recipe for yee sang salad carefully, toss high, and prosperity for the following year should be yours.

Good wishes to you!

World Food and Wine will be there in spirit when you do your prosperity toss and celebrate the Chinese New Year. We want to add our contribution and shout

"May all your good wishes come true during the current year!"