Summer wines

Let’s try to define summer wines.

The objective is to understand the characteristics in the wine that make it most appropriate for summer drinking occasions, as well as explore types, styles and sources of summer wines. Last, but not least, let’s see summer wine and food matching.

Summer versus winter

Sometimes looking at the opposites helps to define a concept more precisely. Comparing summer, the ultimately warm weather season, and winter, utterly chilly and stormy season, may help to reach a better understanding of summer wines.


Temperature: Warm.

Lifestyle focus: Outdoors.

Dress: Light, bright, colorful, cooling clothes in silks and cotton. There is a broad range of color and styles to choose from. People are more daring with their clothes in the summer.

Food: Preferably cold and light, salads and fish simply cooked are perfect for the summer, accompanied or followed by colorful vegetables and fruits. A gathering where food is served are informal, often unplanned, and food is more likely to be cooked on the grill or barbecue.

Wine: Needs to be refreshing and relaxing. The wine of choice will likely be a white or rosé, moderate alcohol, chilled, simple, less oak, and acidic – chilling accentuates the acidity in wine.

Check tasting notes for wonderful summer wines.


Temperature: Cold.

Lifestyle focus: Indoors.

Dress: Functional, heavy, dull, wool and warm cloth, narrow selection.

Food: Hot, casseroles, meat dishes, rich texture, gatherings including food are planned and meals are cooked in the kitchen.

Wine: Winter food needs a warming, stimulating wine to go along. Reds and heavy whites are the preferred choice, usually high in alcohol and served at room temperature. Winter wines are heavier and more complex, less acidic, heavy oaked more often than not. Keep your expensive Burgundy wines for the winter, knowing it is a wine you can trust and serve with a rich meat stew or a heavy steak.

Sparkling wines are very popular in summer because they are chilled.

Acidic food, as it is the case of salads with dressing, needs to go in the company of acidic wine. However, a more substantial wine can cover for a barbecue where the cook is not that good.