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Low fat BBQ treats

During the summer, the grill is hot. If you like the taste of grilled food, you can enjoy it without all the fat. Here are a few ways to enjoy scrumptious BBQ food treats.

Healthy BBQ treats

Are you set for grilling this summer? Here are a few ideas for tasty low-fat food treats that you can create on the grill.

Grilled pineapples

Who knew that you could grill fruit? Pineapple rings are a great addition to the grill. You can use them to top your favorite burger, eat them alone or use them as a base or topping for a dessert.

Begin by slicing your pineapples. Remove them from the juice and let drain if you are taking them from the can. Once the grill is hot, place them on the grate. Now, you will have to watch them to be sure that they don’t burn or dry out. The grilling will concentrate their juices for a sweeter, smoky flavor. When you see grill marks appearing, remove them promptly.

Caramelized veggies

You can even cook vegetables on the grill. Place the veggies of your choice in a piece of aluminum foil. Sprinkle them with some extra virgin olive oil. Tent the foil securely over them. This allows the space to turn into a convection oven and cook them evenly. Add a bit of soy sauce to the veggies so it can caramelize them. Try onions, sliced bell peppers, hot peppers and zucchini.

Grilled corn on the cob

This is a real treat. Soak your corn in the husk in cool water for an hour. This removes any unmentionable bugs and saturates the corn and husk for better grilling. Pull the husk back to remove the hairs and then re-cover and tie with string. Close the husk to create a kind of convection within as you grill the corn. Place the corn directly on the grill for about thirty minutes. Dress corn with Parmesan cheese, salt and butter spread.

Tasty kebabs

You can put just about anything on a kebab and flavor it to taste good on the grill. In the interest of low fat treats, skewer your kebabs with veggies and lean meat. Try chicken chunks, shrimp and lean beef.

If not using metal skewers, soak the wooden ones in water for about thirty minutes so they won’t burn. Add your meat and vegetable cubes. If you want to cover them in a succulent teriyaki or barbecue glaze, wait until they are about done cooking and then place on a piece of foil so the marinade can caramelize.

  • Low fat kebabs with chicken and vegetables.

What is it about grilling that we like? For one, grilling is a healthy way to eat food without all of the fat. The fat simply drips away, leaving you with succulent meat to enjoy. And the grill is versatile. You can cook more than just hot dogs, hamburgers and ribs.

Tour the world for healthier grilling options than pork sausages, for healthier ways to grill meat, at least. Trim down the fat in your barbecue to tone up your health and stamina.

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