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Eating in New York City

There are many, many options for lunch or dinner in New York. You can find any cuisine, any style. Here there are a few options that are enjoyable and convenient.

Good restaurants for breakfast or lunch

New York has many good places to eat. There are restaurants, diners, or delis catering to every taste. Without knowing what kind of food you prefer or if, for instance, you are going with children, it’s difficult to make any recommendations. Assuming you are just a visitor and you are moving around the tourist and museums areas...

For breakfast, we like Le Pain Quotidien, a French style bakery where almost everything is made with organic ingredients. We were regulars at their Stockel location in Brussels, Belgium. We felt like meeting an old friend and more than happy to find them in New York. From their several sites in New York, we usually visit the one close to Central Park -You can have a nice lunch there, too. Breakfast is bread baskets, sandwiches, salads, eggs, yogurt, nice croissants, buns, jams, and coffee. You can choose to eat at the communal table or take an individual one.

New York, Central Park
922 Seventh Avenue

E.A.T. also close to Central Park, in the area of the Museum of Natural History, is another good choice for lunch. They serve nice quiche, salads, and breads and baked goods. It is usually packed. I believe the address is 1064 Madison Ave. (E. 80th & E. 81st Sts.), New York, NY 10028. Check; I might be wrong. I go when I am in the area and I usually walk.

Whole Foods Market, at Columbus Circle, has an eating area, including Jamba Juice, a hit with children and health conscious adults. In a warm day, you could also buy anything from their deli counter and eat it in the park. Consider it an option for lunch or to get a snack.

The burger shack in Le Parker Meridien hotel claims to prepare the best burgers in New York… we don’t know if their burgers are really the best as we have not tried every burger place in New York, but we can confirm they are very good. At lunch time you’ll have likely to wait in line. The line usually runs fast as most people order their burgers to go. If you want to sit down, go early, with not many tables in the local it fills quick. Le Parker Meridien also has a good hand with Eggs Benedict at breakfast. Breakfast is served in a different area, booking in advance is recommended.

Try The Great American Health Food Restaurant on 57th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues.  They have a spinach burger that is Out Of This World. 

Good restaurants at dinner time

Doing New York with children, choose something like Mars 2112 or Jekyll and Hyde -not very young children, here, I have seen some scared- for dinner. The food is not bad and children positively love it.

We like the Union Square Cafe, a place sparking much controversy; some adore it, and some don't see what all the talk is about. We have always enjoyed dinner there. Reserve with plenty of time, the have lists days long. We have dropped on the fly a couple of times and got a table, but both times we had skipped lunch and we wanted a very early dinner.

If you are doing one of boat tours or visiting the Intrepid, you will be very close to one of the areas in Broadway Avenue where every door is a restaurant. I particularly remember Bocca, an Italian restaurant where they offer you a selection of pasta dishes to try then you can have as many repeats as you are able to manage from your favorite ones.

These were good options for New York dining at the time this was written. However, things change, so check before visiting.