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Beef casseroles

What can one make with beef in cubes? Braising or stewing is the first thing to come to mind. Those are the basic cooking techniques for a beef casserole.

Casseroles remain ideal comfort food and convenient cooking. Furthermore, a casserole requires next to no attention while it cooks. Let it simmer covered on the stove top or pop it into the oven and you are free to do something else for one or two hours. Consider a second time saving bonus the fact a casserole cooks in a single pan so the tidying and washing up require less effort. You will be done in a much shorter period.

Freeze any leftover casserole if you have made more than you needed for one meal, just follow the tips to freeze comfort food. Beef casseroles are ideal to freeze. No wonder many people routinely double the quantity to be sure there will be leftovers to freeze and make a hearty meal for another time.

A beef casserole is easy to prepare and nice to eat. This answers the question but doesn’t solve the problem. The whole solution involves some cooking tips and a selection of recipes.

Tips for a better casserole

Braising meat to perfection will render a better casserole and there are instructions about this technique within moist heat cooking methods, including tips for better braising meat.

A British take on beef steak cubes

England is the source of some hearty beef casserole recipes such as the traditional steak and kidney pie or the more modern beef and ale casserole with mustard croutons. The steak, Guiness and kidney pie lies somewhere in between. If you are traditional, try the simple steak and kidney pie, the classic recipe. Again on the modern side of British cooking there is a beef and mushroom casserole with fennel, balanced with the traditional curried beef - did you know the first recipe for a curry known to England dates from 1747?