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Wine cellar equipment

You will need some wine cellar equipment for your ideal wine storage area. You have prepared a place to stock your wine which is vibration free, dark, damp, and cool all year round. There are a few more details to think about.

Wine racks

There is a wide variety of racking systems. You can choose between elaborate wooden racks to simple metal or plastic units. The choice really depends on how much wine are you planning to keep and your budget.

Diamond shaped racks are popular because they use space in the most efficient way. But think about the size of the cubbyholes, some oversized champagne bottles might not fit in and half bottles might fall between the cracks.

Some collectors recommend to store the wine in their original wooden crates. These crates are a good solution as the wine stays in the dark inside the case, and temperature changes are very slow due to the amount of bottles packed together in the closed case. If you plan to go on collecting to this level, think of some rack space for wine crates.


Get an hygrometer to measure atmospehric humidity in your wine storage area.

We would recommend a digital hygrometer and thermometer as dedicated wine collectors tend to check humidity and temperature in their facilities on a daily basis.

Cooling units

Depending on where you live, you might need a climate control units to keep your wine cellar cool and damp. This kind of units require professional installation.

You might not need to have your unit working the twelve months of the year, only if the temperature becomes too hot. If the problem is not temperature but dryness, consider installing just a humidifier.


If you are the lucky owner of a large wine cellar with long walls and racking up to the ceiling, consider rolling wine cellar ladders. If you have a large wine closet with high racks high racks you will need at least some kind of stool to get your hands on those difficult to reach bottles at the top.

Finishing touch

If you are going to invite friends and acquaintances for wine tastings held in your wine cellar, there is a world of equipment and items to have and to make it personal: tables - customized tiled table tops? - and chairs, doors, fancy wall art, decorative flooring, lighting to enhance the mood.

Don't use cardboard boxes to store wine. The carboard will become damaged from the humidity in the cellar and the chemicals in the cardboard may affect the wine.

Dry cellars can cause corks to dry out, contract and let air into the bottle, the air will oxidize the wine, turning it into vinegar in the long run

Mold grows when the humidity level is higher than 95%, and mold is no good for the wine.


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