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Mint substitution

I have a recipe that calls for 1/2 cup chopped fresh mint. All I can find is fresh mint extract or peppermint extract. Can you tell me how much extract I would use in place of the 1/2 cup fresh mint?

From: Robert

In answer to your question, you can substitute ½ cup fresh mint with 3 tsp (teaspoon) or 1 Tbs (tablespoon) mint or peppermint extract.

  • Extracts come in different concentrations. I would add first 1-2 tsp mint extract and check the flavor then add another 1 tsp and check again until the flavor is right. You can add a few drops more than 1 Tbs, if necessary.
  • Cold dulls flavor and prolonged cooking enhances it. Something you are going to serve very cold may need those extra drops and a hot dish may need adding a little less than 3 tsp of concentrated mint flavor.
  • Watch out if anyone has an atopic condition or allergies – atopic people may react to the concentrated plant oil in extracts due to their hyper-sensitive immune system, even when they do not have any problems with fresh or dried herbs.

    The symptoms we know of are not life threatening - small rashes, dry skin and worsening of eczema – and it only happens to a very small percentage, but one cannot tell in advance.

More about mint and other possible substitutions within the aromatic herbs section.

Happy cooking!