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Goose eggs

I have been given some goose eggs. How do I use them for cooking? Does anyone have recipes?

Boil them, scramble them, turn them into omelets or use them in cakes. Use them as you would chicken eggs, taking size into account. Goose eggs are also very good for cooking and fantastic to eat. They have large yolks and a very rich flavor. Goose eggs are very appreciated in confectionery and baking and make wonderful cakes and baked goods –try them in quiches.

Search for recipes with eggs and adapt them to the size of the eggs you have.

  • 1 goose egg = 2 medium chicken eggs.
  • If soft boiling, a farm goose egg would take 9-11 minutes, a large one could take up to 20 minutes.
  • For baking, follow your normal sponge cake recipe using 1 goose egg for every 7 to 8 oz of flour.

We assumed your eggs were from a farm. If they were from wild geese, first you should make sure that there is no chicken inside. This is done by placing the egg against the light, a process known as candling

The taste of a wild goose egg will be very different to a farm one, reflecting the diet of the animal. Wild geese would eat almost anything and if they find strange food, the eggs will have a strange taste.

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