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Garlic substitution

I am allergic to garlic. Is there anything I can substitute for garlic in recipes?

From: Mike

If you cannot tolerate garlic at all, I would use onions or shallots for salads or other dishes that would be eaten raw –try preparing Spanish gazpacho or Italian bruschetta using chopped onion instead of garlic and the results are good.

There is garlic chives -also known as Chinese chives- an herb that looks like chives but tastes of garlic instead of onion. Substitute 1 clove of garlic, crushed or minced, with ½ tsp Chinese chives. They are less strong and add green color, however Chinese chives can be used in both, raw or cooked dishes.

Use asafetida powder for cooked dishes in the proportion of 1/8 teaspoon per clove of garlic. Despite the stench, asafetida tastes of combined onions and garlic once cooked. Be careful and add just a tiny pinch, asafetida is very strong and tastes bitter if overdone.

None of the previous ingredients is garlic, but have similar compounds. So be careful when you try them. Check with your doctor.

We know of people who would not tolerate raw garlic but can eat it if it is cooked or procesed. Is this your case. Are you allergic to all types of garlic or only raw garlic? Dried garlic powder has a similar effect to that of fresh, crushed garlic. Other types of supplements, such as oils from crushed garlic, aged garlic extract in alcohol, and steam-distilled oils seem to contain less alicin and perhaps less of other active compounds than the dried powder and might be suitable if used in small amounts.

As we are talking about an allergy -we know they can be unpredicatble- ask your doctor about it before trying garlic in powdered, salt or oil form. It might not be worth the risk.

For a more detailed list on garlic substitutions for non-allergic people, check the page about garlic on the food section.