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Easy vegetarian menu

My daughter has turned vegetarian. I need an easy meal I can prepare when she visits from college.

From: Daryl, through All Foods Natural feedback form.

Many young people take it as a natural choice when they learn about greenhouse effect, carbon footprints, sustainable energy sources, and that raising cattle requires more energy than growing crops. Add to it that vegetarian meals are usually cheaper and the fact that is easier to stay lean on a vegetarian diet, important matters for many at college.

Try this menu next time your daughter visits.

Tomato, lemon and celery soup
Barbecue soy burgers or bean & rice burgers
Soy ice cream

In addition, many recipes on site have been tagged as meatless or vegetarian, and some, especially appetizers and side dishes, mainly have vegetable ingredients and it is very easy to adapt them for a vegetarian. Use these recipes to complement your own menus. For instance, serve onion relish on the side of curried tofu. Fried cabbage with nutmeg or red cabbage with onions and apples can go on the side of a nut roast. If you don't want to prepare your own, look for a vegetarian roast at the health shop or at the vegetarian section in your grocery store.

As we have had several requests for vegetarian meals, we will keep tagging recipes as vegetarian when appropriate. Keep in touch.