Coriander seed in drinks

Can coriander seed be used in drinks? If so, what kind of drinks and how much coriander should be used? I thinking about juices and such.

From: Terry

Coriander seed can be used in drinks although there is a preference to use fresh leaves more than seeds. It works best with tomato juice based combinations but it is surprisingly good with apple juice. Ground coriander seed will also enhance juices containing beet, cucumber, onion, spinach or mashed avocado. Opinions are divided about coriander with carrot juice; we can only encourage you to try for yourself. How much to add? Add just a pinch to start with, then to taste.

Juice fresh coriander leaves together with your drink. Try with spinach, watercress, cucumber or carrot.

Coriander flavored drink ideas

  • Season tomato juice with Worcestershire sauce and ground coriander. If you like to juice, try blending 2 ripe tomatoes with 1 dash Worcestershire sauce, a pinch of salt and a pinch of ground coriander. Remove skin and seeds beforehand, or wash and dice tomatoes and strain the juice to get rid of bits. Substitute salt and Worcestershire sauce with vegetable seasoning, if you wish.
  • Experiment with kadhi, a yogurt based warm drink from India, substituting cumin seeds with coriander seeds, or prepare Indian coriander lassi by blending plain yogurt with a little water and toasted coriander seeds; you can also add a pinch of ground turmeric.
  • Take inspiration from North African cuisine and mix beet juice with orange blossom water and season with a pinch of ground coriander.

You will find even tequila based Bloody Mary variations flavored with a pinch of ground coriander seed or coriander Martinis, although infusing crushed leaves is the preferred method, a pinch of ground coriander works well when you don't have the leaves.

Now it is your turn. A pinch of ground coriander can add a nice touch to cloudy apple juice, but try to come out with new coriander flavored combinations with an apple juice base.


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