Boling eggs with pasta

Can you hard boil a egg in the same water with lets say pasta at the same time will it affect the pasta?

Yes, you can boil an egg at the same time and in the same water than other food.

You could hard boil an egg with pasta and it would not affect the pasta.

We prefer, however, to do this with food that has skin you peel off before eating. This is a matter of personal preference, as eggs an have salmonella and other harmful bacteria on the shell, even if they appear to be perfectly clean, or they can have other kind of dirt, especially in the case of free roaming chicken.

While we would not hard boil an egg with pasta, we would cook eggs in the same water and at the same time than potatoes or carrots we are boiling on their skins, including the ones used to prepare a potato salad, as we will remove the skin. Mind, the egg takes less time to cook than the potatoes or the carrots. Remove it early or place it later than the other food items.