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Fillings, stuffings, batters & frostings are used to complement other dishes.

There are sandwich or pie fillings; mixes with seasoned bread crumbs, dried fruit and nuts used to stuff a bird before roasting; the different mixtures of flour, milk or water, eggs, and so on beaten together and used to coat food before cooking; and the sweet mixes used to coat a cake.

These are usually part of the preparation for other recipes and not a dish in themselves, although there are exceptions. Some stuffings can be cooked as side dish and some cream fillings can be served as dessert ontheir own.


Jalebi are fried coils of batter that are soaked in syrup. They're crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, making them a delicious dessert or snack.


Dashi is a type of Japanese stock. Dashi is the base for miso soup, and it is used to make broth, Japanese noodle soup and other recipes.