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Three treats in one: marshmallows, chocolate and Graham crackers. Long evenings at a camp site are much more fun with s'mores. Do try this at home, very carefully, if you have an open fire.


  crackers (Graham crackers)
  chocolate (Hershey bars)


Begin by by getting 1 large Graham cracker and breaking it in half.

Cover one half of the Graham cracker with Hershey bar.

Put a marshmallow or 2 on the stick and hold it over the fire until roasted.

When the marshmallow's roasted, place on top of the Hershey bar, put the other Graham cracker half on top and bite down.

Total time
15 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
1 batch


You will also need long green sticks and a fire.

Some people like their marshmallows lightly golden, others like to catch them on fire and then blow the fire out. If you do that, be careful. You have to put the fire out quickly or your marshmallow will fall on the ground.

To try this in other parts of the world, substitute Graham crackers with digestive biscuits. Hershey bars are small chocolate bars. You will need marshmallows.


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