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Black forest cake


A delicious cake with a chocolate sponge base and a cherry filling, time consuming but not difficult to make.


1 c butter (at room temperature)
1 c sugar (for the cake)
1 3⁄4 c flour (slef raising flour)
4 egg (beaten)
3 T cocoa (cocoa powder)
3 T sugar (for the filling)
3 c cherries (stoned black cherries, reserve 8 for decoration)
3 T kirsch
2 c cream (heavy cream, whipped to soft peaks)
3 1⁄2 oz chocolate (dark chocolate, grated)
7 T water (boiling water)


The sponge

Heat oven to 375º F. Grease and line with paper two deep 8 inch cake pans.

Sift flour and salt in a bowl.

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Incorporate beaten eggs a little at a time.

Stir in sifted flour.

Mix cocoa powder with 4 tablespoons boiling water and beat into the cake mixture.

Divide mixture between the prepared cake pans and bake for 20-25 minutes, or until risen and done.

Remove sponge cakes from the oven and let them cool a little, the turn out on to a wire rack and let them cool completely.

The filling

In a pan, boil sugar with 3 tablespoons water for 3 minutes.

Add cherries and simmer on low heat for 2-3 minutes, until the juices run and the cherries are soft but not broken.

Mix arrowroot with a little cold water and then add to the pan, stirring until thickened.

Remove from heat. Stir in half the kirsch and allow to cool.

The cake

Slice each chocolate sponge in half horizontally. Sprinkle remaining kirsch on cut sides.

Spread 1/5 of the whipped cream over one sponge round. Top with 1/3 of the cherries and a little syrup on top.

Place another round of sponge cake and then 1/5 cream, 1/3 cherries and syrup. Repeat once more and then top with the remaining chocolate sponge round.

Spread the remaining whipped cream over the sides and the top of the cake.

Press grated chocolate on the sides of the cake and sprinkle some over the top. Decorate with the reserved fresh cherries.


Total time
1 hour, 5 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
8 servings
  • A piece of black forest cake on a plate.


It can be made with white chocolate. To make it even more appealing, try to make this cake with one chocolate sponge and one vanilla sponge.

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