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Picnic drinks

Planning a picnic and thinking about the drinks?

There are a few choices that will cool you off and have you coming back for more.

Chilled picnic drinks

There is never a shortage of ideas for cold drinks to bring on a picnic. The reason may be because everyone has at least one favorite refreshing beverage. From fizzy to cool and creamy, there are drinks for every age group at every type of picnic.

Kid coolers

Mixing up a batch of powdered fruit drinks is certainly the easiest way to make kid-friendly drinks to serve at a picnic. However, if you choose to mix up a pitcher of powdered fruit drinks, make it more fun by adding some fizz and sparkle. Once you get the jugs of fruit drink to the picnic, pour in ginger ale or a fizzy lemon-lime cola and add ice. Pour into tall plastic picnic glasses and enjoy. A fun trick to keeping the flavor of your drink rich is to make ice cubes beforehand using another batch of the same fruit drink. Choose fun ice cube trays in different shapes to add even more interest.

Consider a big pitcher of homemade lemonade to surprise and delight thirsty youngsters. Bring the lemonade in a sealed jug and pour into a pitcher at the picnic. Then add freshly sliced lemon circles to brighten the service. Pour over ice into fun picnic glasses and add a colorful straw. Again, make a second batch and turn it into ice cubes and your glass of lemonade won't get watered down.

Slushies are another standard cooler that we all love at our picnics. The first slushie that comes to mind is a watermelon slushie, of course. Cut and seed a watermelon and put in blender or food processor, and blend. Strain the watermelon through a sieve or cheesecloth and put into a plastic food bag or other container and put in the freezer. Keep frozen until you are ready to enjoy, then put frozen watermelon into a pitcher and pour in lemon-lime soda, stir and serve. Great slushie without having to bring your blender to the picnic.

Adult coolers

There are many refreshing coolers for adults who enjoy a bit of the spirits, as well. A popular cold drink contains equal parts homemade lemonade and iced tea, with just a splash of vodka. Of course, you can leave out the spirits and enjoy one of the most popular summertime drinks around.

Save the serious wines for big meals in candlelit dining rooms. Sweet, light, crisp wines are perfect for a picnic spread of meats, cheeses, and fruit. Serve the wine cold and over ice if desired. Many wines are perfect mixed with sparkling tonics. Think about a big pitcher of Sangria with fruit floating merrily about the top. Summer picnics are all about color and freshness, and these beverages are a great place to start.

Of course, beer is another popular cold beverage on a summer day. Keep bottles of beer on ice and a bottle opener nearby if necessary. Rather than serve the same old tired variety, choose something unusual. A favorite for gourmet picnics is ginger beer. The flavor compliments all the hard work you put into creating the special dishes for your picnic. Look around for other fun labels, especially local or regional labels if possible. Make each bottle a surprise and a conversation starter.

Iced coffees

Think beyond breakfast when you think about coffee. This stimulating drink can boost your spirits throughout an active day. Iced coffees require only a few ingredients; ice and coffee. However, the best iced coffees include cream, milk, and flavorings.

Start with a strong brewed coffee. Choose any coffee that appeals to you. Hazelnut coffees are some of the most popular in iced coffees. Cool your brewed coffees and pour into jugs for transport to your picnic.

To serve, you will want tall glasses, ice cubes, milk or cream, and other flavorings. Some popular iced coffees start with a little chocolate syrup, then coffee, then milk and ice. Stir up well, and you have a cold and refreshing mocha coffee. You can use powdered chocolate, too. Any way you stir it up, you are sure to please, and surprise, your guests with tall frosty glasses of their favorite breakfast beverage in the middle of the day.

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to beverages for your picnic. Whatever you enjoy at home, you can enjoy at your picnic. Mix and match your favorites and come up with great combinations that will impress and please your guests, and yourself!

Which one?

Any of these will quench the thirst of your guests. Choose the drink that goes better with the chosen picnic food.