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Sudan culinary scene

Artistic representation of a market scene in Sudan at sunset. Vendors preparing food with spices and produce. City and river.


The picture shows an artistic representation of a vibrant market scene in a Sudanese street with city skyline at sunset. Vendors and stalls with intricate patterns. Vendors preparing and selling traditional Sudanese food.

  • Left: A vendor under a big straw hat is cooking in a pot surrounded by jars of spices and ingredients.
  • Centre: A man in traditional Sudanese clothes is eating, with bowls and baskets of fresh produce and spices around him.
  • Right: A vendor and a woman in hijab with customers at a stall full of grains, spices and condiments.
  • Background: Traditional boats on the river and mix of modern and traditional architecture, tall buildings and minarets against a colourful sky.
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