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Food in Zambia

Exploring the iconic dishes and traditional cuisine of Zambia.

Welcome to Zambia, a landlocked country located in southern Africa. Let us explore the delightful and traditional cuisine of Zambia, which reflects the country's varied cultural heritage. Let's take a deep dive into the most common foods, eating habits, drinks, and icon dishes that make Zambia's food special.

Zambia has a rich agricultural history, as the country's fertile lands provide a diverse array of vegetables, nuts, and grains.

In Zambia, people typically eat three regular meals a day. Breakfast is not always considered a vital meal, but it's common to have porridge made of maize meal, rice, or sorghum. Lunch and dinner are the main meals, with the latter being the heaviest. Nshima is Zambia's staple food and is eaten with almost every meal. It is made by mixing maize meal with water and cooking it into a thick porridge-like consistency. It's typically eaten with delicious relishes or stews.

One of Zambia's iconic dishes is ifisashi, a dish made of peanut sauce, served with vegetables and nshima. Kapenta is another popular dish made of tiny fish, which are fried and served with nshima and veggies. Meats like beef, chicken, and goat are frequently consumed, either grilled or fried. Zambia's food culture is not complete without highlighting the famous caterpillar called Imbila, which is high in protein and eaten grilled or dried.

Favorite drinks

In Zambia, people love their natural drinks, including munkoyo, a refreshing fermented drink made from maize, sorghum, and water. Another favorite is maheu, which is a fermented beverage made from cooked maize, water, and sugar. Among alcoholic drinks, Mosi and Castle Lager beer are popular ones.

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