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Fabulous World Food and Wine archives

On this page, we usually had the links to all the issues of Fabulous World Food and Wine, a newsletter to keeps you up to date about all the new additions to our world food and wine experiences. The list of published issues has become too long. Part of it is stored with our email list provider. We may add links to the latest issues in the near future.

Learning in advance about food and wine in those countries you are planning to visit will make your experience more enjoyable when you get there. On the other hand, for those with no time to travel, we hope to make you feel a little as if you had been there.

Discover the world from the comfort of your home with this periodical newsletter containing food and wine news, recipes from around the world, cooking tips and tasting notes in your own words.

If you like this newsletter, please do forward it to your friends. If you are here because a friend did forward this to you and if you like what you read, please subscribe to our mailing list to get it.