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Culinary terms with Y

yakimono - name - Japanese term for grilled, broiled or pan fried foods, usually grilled meat. Food is usually marinated and skewered.

yakitori - name - Japanese dish of "grilled" (yaki ) "fowl" (tori ), usually chicken. Chicken is cut into small pieces, marinated, skewered and grilled. This is a type of chicken yakimono.

yam - name - edible tropical tuber and the plant itself. Yams come in several colors ranging from white to dark brown, including purple and they are often confused with sweet potatoes.

yarrow - name - aromatic herb found in Europe and North America. It has a very strong aroma and pungent flavor. Use sparingly to season soups, salads or egg dishes.

yeast - name - single cell fungi that produces fermentation. There are many types. One type of yeast is the one that makes the bread rise, others turn grape juice into wine, or mashed cereal into beer.

yellow sauce - a sauce made by emulsifying liquid butter and egg yolks.

yield - name - the quantity of food obtained in a dish once it has been cooked, also harvest, crop - verb - produce earnings or fruit..

Yorkshire pudding - British cuisine - crispy soufflé like cakes baked from a liquid batter made from eggs, milk and flour. See the complete recipe for Yorkshire pudding.