Culinary terms with N

natural condiments are those used as they, with minimal processing or natural changes. Herbs and spices are dried, toasted or ground to powder. Vinegar, soy sauce or fish sauces are produced by natural fermentation processes. Natural condiments usually add a more complex flavor to food and they add also texture and some other beneficial chemicals, even if in tiny amounts.

Laboratories can isolate, even replicate, the actual molecules responsible for flavor. Sometimes to a very good effect, such the sour cream and chives flavor in chips. However, we still find ready salted chips with a sour cream chives dip more pleasurable to eat. The taste of a milkshake prepared with strawberry flavored syrup is a far cry from one made with real crushed strawberries and sugar.

nibble - eating verb - chew, bite, gnaw, eat; eat small amounts of something, especially food in tiny, quick bites - name - a small amount of food,; a snack, often used in plural.

nosh - eating verb - nourish, give to eat - informal - munch or eat a snack.