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Pressure cooking

Who would have thought that pressure could be a factor in cooking? Believe it or not pressure is food "partner in crime." Food cooks faster the hotter it gets and a pressure cooker allows for cutting that cooking time down by 70 per cent. Can you imagine all that free time? Let's find out what the pros and cons of pressure cooking can be.

Letting off steam with pressure cooking

Pressure cooking is not always easy not it is all about cooking with little fuss. There are definitively a few potential set backs.

Set backs

With pressure cooking there is a major risk of over cooking your food because it's under such great pressures. Foods cook very fast in a pressure cooker. Knowing the recipe and the ins and outs of your cooker will help to avoid those overcooked meals.

Another fault the pressure cooker has is the possibility of a pressure explosion. Today's versions are much safer because they are fitted with a release valve. This allows the steaming to escape when the pressure reaches a desired point. This in turn helps to release the pressure instead of having a build up which can lead to an explosion. Here are a few key points to help you make your cooking experience safer!

  • Make sure the pressure cooker has at least two pressure release devices making for double the protection against the possibility of explosions
  • A safety lock lid will keep the lid from being opened once the pressure reaches a certain level.
  • A quick pressure release valve that allows for manual control the pressure within the pot

The pressure is on

I'm sure some of you remember that awful noise your mom's pressure cooker made. That ear popping rattling sound was anything but appetizing. Then your mom always ended up throwing her hands up when the food was popping up on the ceiling. Those days are long gone. Pressure cookers are designed today to create delicious meals in a short amount time with out all those hassles. It is now effective and user friendly.

Time is of the essence with a pressure cooker. Slow cookers take hours to cook. Ovens take at least an hour and sometimes two or three hours. Pressure cookers can cook those same meals in a matter of minutes. The unique design allows you to cut cooking time in more than half. Everybody can appreciate a little less stress and timelines in the kitchen. With a pressure cooker cooking on short notice is a breeze.

Pressure cookers cook at temperatures that are higher than the boiling point. The heat is always quickly and evenly scattered throughout the food. This type of cooking eliminates the chances of bacteria and that awful food poisoning.

There is no submerging the foods in water with a pressure cooker. All you need is just enough water to create steam. Less water means more vitamins and nutrients stay in the food and aren't cooked away. Less bacteria and more nutrients are just a couple of the health benefits of pressure cooking.

Being that everything is getting cooked in one area all the juices and flavors flow and melt together into one savory meal.

These are just a few things that make pressure cooking a good idea. Pressure cookers aren't a scary way of cooking any more. They are economical and save time and money which is always a plus in my book.