You can get that same grilling experience right from the oven.

Sometimes things come up that make it hard to get out to your grill, maybe it's the weather maybe you don't have any charcoal or propane on hand, that's were broiling comes in. You can get that same grilling experience right from the oven. Now everything isn't the same when broiling so let's see what the differences in broiling are.

Broiling points

Broiling uses intense direct heat when cooking just like grilling. Even though it is in a closed in box the food is cooking like it's in an opened space. Broiling requires an on eye on the food to keep it from burning. It gives the food a rich juicy taste and gives it a pretty golden brown color. Broiling reaches those characteristics differently than the grill. Let's look at some of the facts of broiling.

Your oven thermometer - You might think this would make it simpler to cook being able to know exactly what temperature your food is cooking at, when in fact you could face more of a challenge. When your oven reaches the temperature its set to reach it will automatically cut itself off in order to keep it at the programmed temp. The only problem with that is your food is left cooking in its own heat, steam in some cases. A wonderful way to avoid this baking like switch is to crack your oven door so that your oven never reaches its set temperature letting the food actually broil.

Broiling cookware - One of the key factors when broiling is separating the fat and greases from your food. If they don't separate, instead of broiling the food will actually bake. This is why there is a need for a broiling pan. It's a specially designed pan that allows the "extras" to drip to the bottom of the pan and away from the food. Making food that much healthier.

Keep your eyes peeled - With any method of cooking you always have to watch the food. Some forms of cooking may allow you to walk away for extended periods of time but that is not the case when broiling. Just like when you cook on the grill you have to be very cautious and attentive to make sure not to burn the food. This is true because your oven isn't monitoring the heat itself you are the one that has to do it.

Limited amount of space - The amount of smoke is another issue you face when broiling. Because the food is not being cooked outside like when grilling there is nowhere for the smoke to go but in your house. The way to help eliminate the amount of smoke is by trimming the fat off the meat. This will be healthier as well as helping to keep the smoke out your eyes.

Broiling might not give you that charcoal taste but it certainly offers some pretty special things. Just keep on broiling and you are sure to learn the techniques and fall in love with the experience!