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Food, wine and beer in Belgium, Europe.

Food in Belgium

Traditional cuisine in Belgium relies heavily in local food. Modern cooking is of a finer level and much more stylish, very close to French cuisine, but based in high quality local ingredients.

Breakfast in Belgium

Not long ago, breakfast in Belgium was only a continental affair, most simple: coffee, toast, jam and orange juice. Nutritional advice recommends having a more substantial first meal to avoid the 11 o’clock sugar low. Belgians are happy to comply. Now Belgian breakfasts are known for being hearty and indulgent, reflecting the country's rich culinary tradition. 

While breakfast habits can vary from person to person, there are several foods that are commonly associated with a traditional Belgian breakfast. 

Beer in Belgium

Though wine is drunk at meal times, beer is often the best accompaniment for a Belgium meal, especially charbonnades and other beer based recipes, and, of course, the ubiquitous steak and frites.