Tea or coffee?

Tea and coffee can be the central theme for a wedding celebration.

Who would think a simple brew would reach such a wide audience? But this is true for both, tea and coffee. It is not surprising that any of the tow become the central theme for wedding decorations.

Wedding favors are little gifts the bride and groom give to their guest as a memento of the occasion, to show their appreciation and to thank them for helping to make the day even more special.

Tea wedding favors

Tea is one of the most highly traded products in the world. At your wedding, import some tea and export a lot of joy with tea wedding favors.

Tiny spoons of silver and brass make for a decorative and highly valued favor among guests. Express your appreciation for sharing this special day by giving a gift they'll proudly use long after the wedding is over.

Stirring spoons and measuring spoons can be dressed up in special ways. They may come with the bowl or scoop filled with chocolate or hardened vanilla creme. That makes them not only beautiful gifts but givers of delightful tastes, as well.

Give your guests a wedding favor that gives them something to dip a spoon into: porcelain sugar bowls decorated with your personalized design. Emboss the bottom with the names of the bride and groom and every time they flip the bowl over they'll remember where they got it.

Don't neglect those lovely miniature pots that provide the perfect brew. Practical and beautiful, these wedding favors make the perfect gift for your honored guests. Whether silver or ceramic, they'll make for an object of delight among the entire crowd.

Both pot and cups need something to sit on, don't they? Pots get hot, so a hot pad with your special logo makes for an excellent favor. Saucers that carry the date of your wedding on the bottom and your unique design continue the theme of your special day.

Tealights are both useful and delightful. They provide a small flame to warm the pot and can give off aromas that fill the air with the scent of romance. The candle's colors can work perfectly with your design scheme while the delicate scents will prompt unforgettable memories.

Of course, you can complete the package by giving tea wedding favors that contain the highly coveted leaves themselves. Sachets of tea come in all shapes and sizes, and flavors.

A white wedding calls for white tea to match a winter theme. This delicate tea gives health and good cheer, just as a tea favor will. A spring wedding suggests a favor with green tea to celebrate the good fortune of the bride and groom. A robust black pekoe will warm guests at a brisk Fall wedding.

Fill a decorative wedding favor tin with a perfect imported Russian tea, full of zest. Celebrate the day by giving a Japanese tea that evokes the gentle mood of a garden. Or, fill it with the ground leaves of exotic Thailand and suggest the steamy passion of a honeymoon to come. Go British and provide your guests with some of the best of Earl Grey's favorite brew.

The tea will disappear in a day, but the decorative tin will grace a table in your guest's home for generations.

No matter which tea wedding favors perk up your nose, you can't go wrong. These delightful gifts will have everyone saying 'Cheers'!

Coffee wedding favors

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed products in the world. For many countries it's the major export. For your wedding you can import some coffee and export happiness when you give coffee wedding favors to your guests.

As with wines, that leaves open a whole array of options, including some that are wholly unexpected.

Check out some coffee cup candle wedding favors! These clever little items resemble miniature coffee cups, filled with your favorite dark or light brew. But, in fact, they\'re tiny candle holders and candles that will light up your guests' eyes.

Don't overlook the tiny coffee pot that looks just like the one grandmother used to use. These silver wedding favors make for a delightful decorative item that will be remembered long after your big day. Many come in the form of placecard holders that serve a dual purpose: letting the guests know where to sit, and gracing their own tables long afterward.

Real coffee cups are an option, and one that will bring delight to all your guests. Demitasse cups provide the best choice here. Their small size makes them the perfect wedding favor, yet they provide a useful role long after the wedding is over. Delicate porcelain designs guarantee they'll grace your guests' kitchens when you come to visit after your honeymoon vacation.

Spoons and measuring cups make for an equally wonderful coffee wedding favor. At first thought, that might bring to mind the mundane, the merely practical. Au contraire! These silver or brass gifts are lovely and will be cherished as a keepsake to hand down for generations.

Glass cones that contain coffee, candies or silk flowers make for another wonderful wedding favor. They can be etched with a logo, or embossed with the names of the bride and groom. They will be proudly displayed on the mantles of your guests where they'll never forget your special day.

Of course, why not give coffee itself? That opens up a whole new vista of choices.

Coffee comes in small packets that contain a blend you can devise yourself. Beans or grounds, the special coffee they contain will be a huge temptation, since guests will want to sample some right away. Just as with the coffee exchanges around the world, you'll find your guests swapping packets as they swap stories about how they met you.

You can combine themes. A fall wedding introduces the colors of leaves. Decorate your coffee wedding favors with the designs of the season and send them home with a harvest of good feelings. Decorate the packets with a snowflake to go with your winter wedding. Emboss flowers on the package that remind your guests of your spring wedding day. Display the sun and palm tree that you'll soon see on your summer honeymoon.

No matter which coffee wedding favors tingle your senses, you can't go wrong. Everyone loves coffee and you'll be more popular than Starbucks.