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Tasting notes

Share wine tasting notes

If you have tried a great wine recently and you want to share your thoughts with like minded people, this is a great place. Maybe the wine was a flop, moan away, then.

Please, tell the name of the wine and something about it -maybe the information on the label: vintage, region and country of origin, name of the producer- so we will be able to follow on your steps. Help us feel how it tasted and maybe a hint about what food is a good match.

If you did not like the wine, please tell why. Share any problems you found, any... but be respectful. Remember taste is personal: you might love bold, passionate red Riojas and find fruity Riesling bland, but fruity Riesling surely will be the perfect choice for someone else -and you are likely to find that the other person is either your boss or your mother in law.

Your notes will help other people to choose which wine to buy. Your tasting notes will also help them to select which wine to serve with which food.

Use our contact form to send tasting notes.

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