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Sopa borracha from Panama

Sopa borracha is not a soup at all. It is a deliciously sweet dessert from Panama with a little alcohol.


6 c water
2 pce cinnamon (2 large sticks)
1⁄2 c sherry
1 cake (sponge cake, large)
3 c sugar
2 sli lemon
3⁄4 c rum
1⁄2 lb dried fruit (prunes and raisins)


Soak the prunes and raisins in the rum and sherry overnight.

Prepare or have your sponge cake ready.

Boil the sugar, water cinnamon and slices of lemon, creating a heavy syrup. Strain the prunes and raisins, adding them to the boiling syrup, reserving the liquid. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Once syrup has cooled, stir in the reserved liquid.

Slice your sponge cake into thick slices and dip into the liquid. Arrange the pieces onto a serving plate and top with the prunes and raisins. Pour any remaining liquid over the tops of the cakes.

Total time
45 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
18 servings


Servings are small as the syrup in this recipe satisfies sweet cravings quickly. Be careful, though, as this dessert is highly addictive and also high in calories.


Panama cuisine

Imagine airy sponge cake soaked in sweet syrup and rum -they say the cake is “drunk”- and try to feel the taste. Syrup and rum complement each other perfectly and such a dessert always becomes a favorite.

Prepare your own cake from scratch or use sponge cake from the shop and imagine different flavors as you use vanilla scented or lemon scented cake as a base.

moderate, comforting
sweet snack, dessert
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