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Pheasant with chicory and cranberries

Something different and healthy as game birds usually have less fat than poultry raised in a farm.


2 pheasant (deboned, meat only)
1 3⁄4 c broth (chicken broth or broth made with the carcass)
1 T flour
1⁄2 lb cranberry
2 T sugar
1 lb pasta (half egg tagliatelle, half spinach tagliatelle or herb tagliatelle)
1 T butter (for the sauce)
  butter (clarified butter for cooking)
  seasoning (salt and white pepper to taste)



Chop 1 chicory and cook in a little butter. Mix the flour with 1 Tbs butter and add to the pan. Incorporate now the broth and simmer for 5 minutes.


Heat more butter in a pan and brown the pheasant meat. Season with salt and pepper and cook until done. Slice the breast and distribute the meat among 4 plates. Keep warm.

On the Side

Heat the cranberries with the sugar.

Cook the pasta as per instructions and drain.

Separate the external leaves from the rest of the chicory and cook those leaves whole in a little butter, adding a little liquid if necessary, until tender. Apart, chop finely the chicory hearts and cook also in butter.

Make parecels by stuffing the whole leaves with chopped cooked chicory.


Drizzle some sauce over the meat. Place som cranberries in the middle and mounds of different color tagliatelle on each side. Finish with one parcel of cooked chicory.

Total time
55 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
Nutrition868 calories per serving
4 servings


If you will presed for time, prepare the pasta or chicory parcels in advance, and re-heat them later in the oven or microwave.


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