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Huevos con frijoles (Eggs with beans)

Huevos con frijoles is a staple in Mexican cuisine known for its hearty and flavorful combination. This dish is typically served as a breakfast or brunch but can be enjoyed at any time of day.


3⁄4 c beans (cooked black beans, canned or home made)
2 egg
1 pn salt
1 onion (optional, small, peeled and chopped)
1 clv garlic (optional, minced)
1 tomato (optional, peeled and chopped)
1 chili pepper (optional, jalapeño, sliced)
  seasoning (salt, pepper and ground cumin to taste)
1 tortilla (or tortilla chips)


Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add the chopped onion and garlic, sautéing until they are translucent.

Stir in the chopped tomato, cooked beans, chili pepper, cumin, salt, and pepper. Cook for about 5 minutes or until the mixture is heated thoroughly. Adjust seasoning if necessary.

Add the beaten eggs and scramble them.

Spoon the bean mixture onto the plate. Serve immediately.

Total time
15 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
1 servings


Garnish with chopped cilantro and crumbled queso fresco. Add slices of avocado or a dollop of guacamole and salsa if desired.

The eggs can be scrambled with the other ingredients. Alternatively, heat more oil over medium heat in a separate skillet, crack the eggs into the skillet and cook to your preference (fried, scrambled, or sunny-side up). 

The popular huevos rancheros are a version of this recipe, with fried eggs served over the beans and other ingredients on a warm tortilla.

The beans can be heated and added to the salsa or the scramble eggs, or served on the side, as you like it.


Substitute the chopped chili pepper with a little chili powder.

You can use pinto beans instead of black beans for a different taste and texture.

For a lighter version, egg whites (scrambled) can be used instead of whole eggs.


A Mexican treat that's full of nutrients with just a few household ingredients.

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