Coconut flan (quesillo de coco)


Quesillo is an egg custard, or flan, made with sweet condensed milk, as it is common in Venezuela, and mil. The cocconut flan is made with condensed milk and coconut milk.


1 cn milk (condensed milk)
5 egg
3 T coconut (optional, grated coconut, prefereably freshly grated)
1 c sugar (for the caramel coating)
3 T water (for the caramel coating)


Put sugar and water in the recipient where you will make the quesillo and heat slowly until de sugar melts and turns golden brown. Quickly swirl the recipient to cover bottom and sides with the liquid caramel. Set aside.

Whne the caramel is cold and hard, mix condensed milk, coconut milk, eggs and vanilla extractin the blender until smooth. Pour the egg and millk mixture through a sieve into the caramelized pan. Close the recipient with a tight lid.

Pressure cooker

Place the recipient carefully in the pressure cooker and fill with water un to half the height. Cook for 30 minutes and release the pressure naturally. Cool down and refrigerate.

Double boiler

Put the recipient with the cream in the double boiler and cook on the hob for 1 hour, adding more water as necessary. Cool down and refrigerate.

6 portion
Preparation time
Cooking time
Total time
1 hour, 10 minutes


To know if the quesillo is done, poke it with a blunt knife and it should come clean. The middle can be a little bit runny as it will end cooking with the residual heat and firm up when it is chilled.

Take the coconut flan out of the fridge 1 hour before serving. Remove the lid, is still there, and shake the recipient slowly to make sure the flan detaches from the sides. Place a serving plate on top and carefully turn around. There will be liquid caramel falling down together with the flan.


You cand add a little rum to custard mixture.

Quesillo can also be cooked in the oven.


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