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A Spanish garlic and vinegar sauce to accompany grilled meat or fish. It can have many variations. It is worth to prepare a large batch as it keeps well.


24 clv garlic (peeled, germ removed)
4 T vinegar (white vinegar)
1⁄2 c cooking oil


  1. Place garlic and vinegar in the blender or food processor. Process until pureed.
  2. Add oil and blitz until mixed.
  3. Transfer sauce to a glass jar and allow to rest for a few days, about a week, shaking occasionally.
  4. Strain liquid as needed and use as sauce, dipping, or marinade for grilled meat and seafood.
Total time
20 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
1 cup


Cider vinegar is often the preferred vinegar for this sauce. We like olive oil, but sunflower oil makes the mixture last longer.

The sauce just blended will look white - it is an emulsion - and the color will change as it sits.


Experiment by adding other condiments, herbs and spices to your mix. Use one, or a combination, of the follwing suggestions:

  • Add to the blender - lime or lemon juice, white wine, chopped onion, parsley, salt, ground pepper.
  • Add to the jar - chili, whole or sliced; peppercorns; a sprig of parsely, thymeñ whole bay leaves.



Spanish cuisine

This is recipe is more popular in the northern areas. In the south, ajilimojili can be a spread to have with toast or, if you visit Baeza, Jaen, you will be served eggs scrambled with garlic and potatoes.

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