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Old vines

Old vines in Galicia, Spain.


This is a photo of old vines during the resting period in Galicia, Spain. When it comes to wine, numerous factors can affect both the quality and taste of the final product. One such factor is the age of the vines used to produce the wine. In general, old vines are considered to be those that are at least 35 years old, although some experts believe that 50 years is a more accurate cutoff. Why exactly are old vines so prized?

There are a few reasons why old vines are often seen as producing superior wine. For one, these vines have had more time to develop a deep root system, which allows them to better withstand drought conditions. Additionally, older vines tend to produce smaller grapes with thicker skins. This results in wines with more intense flavor and higher tannin levels. Finally, because old vines produce smaller yields, they are typically more expensive than wines made from younger vines.

There are plenty of old vines in Europe.