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Thanks to modern methods of cold storage, good quality meat is available all year round, free from the seasonal shortages of the past.

Although the number of animales used for meat is not large, the number of cuts is. There are plenty of cuts to choose from. Always buy your meat from a reliable store, where meat is selected with care and stored under the right conditions. Better if they have department where they cut meat to your specification, just in case you want an unusual cut or something which needs special preparation. Top luxury is having an old-fashioned butcher: make the most of his knowledge and skills and don't hesitate to ask about best buys.

Work out in advance how many people you are going to feed and how long you are going to spend in preparation and cooking. Be aware that cheaper cuts of meat are as nutritious as the more expensive ones; they just need careful cooking to make them tender.

Estimate 3-5 oz (100-150 g) of boneless meat per person and 6-10 oz (175-300 g) of meat on the bone.

Turkey is the meat with the least cholesterol.