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Complex condiments

Find ingredients and proportions for selected spice mixes and pastes. Step from the simple spice mixes to blended sauces such as ketchup, There is a world of flavors to discover.

Complex condiments & flavorings, sauces

Spices and flavorings can be used on their own, even if you add more than one to a particular dish, or in combination with other spices to make spicy sauces and condiments.

All about condiments and flavorings

Hot Pepper base - Mexican chilies or the harissa paste. Tabasco, the red pepper sauce made in Louisiana, is probably a hot sauce known worldwide.

Vegetable base - ketchups, barbecue sauces, tomato relish, mushroom ketchup, chutneys.

Spice mixes and pastes, such as the Indian curries, are a first step on the ladder to preparing flavorful comples condiments and sauces.