EQuipment and tools used for cooking.

cooking tools
cooking equipment

Air fryers

Air fryers are a countertop convection oven. They heat very quickly and circulate hot air, which means you can simulate deep-frying using a fraction of the fat.

Pots and pans

There is a wide variety of pots and pans. Those who know how to chose the pots and materials best suited to the cooking method are the ones who will get the best results.

Full steam

If you like cooking, trying new recipes and experimenting with flavors, learning about boiling and steaming it is a good thing. Now you can cook at full steam.

Is there a healthy non-stick pan?

Most of the cookware people are buying, as you read this, is of the non stick kind. Are non-stick pans healthy or are they a health hazard?

In search of healthy non-stickiness

Non stick pans have a dark side. They cannot stand the kind of hard use any metal pan gets daily. The coat may flake and it can also produce hazardous fumes it heated over the recommended temperature.

The wok

The wok has becoming very popular as a mean of cooking healthy fast food. Preparing delicious recipes is very easy if you know the tricks.